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    Concrete is important, even if it is often overlooked. We walk on concrete, we drive on it, we park on it. The homes we live in are built on concrete foundations. Concrete is a lasting feature of our world. The best concrete is well mixed and carefully poured. Like concrete itself, the importance of creating concrete and pouring it is overlooked. It is best done by experienced professionals like ours at American Quality Construction. We have a complete range of concrete pouring services.

    We pour foundations for new construction. American Quality Construction works with other contractors who prepare the areas to be poured. You don’t just pour concrete, the area has to be cleared, leveled, a sub-base prepared and forms built. While we usually work with other contractors on this, we can also prepare an area for pouring, and then do the finishing steps as well.

    Concrete can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, but it has some
    vulnerabilities. Driveways and walkways are susceptible to cracking and other damage caused by tree roots, ground shifting, or heavy vehicles
    driving over them. Uneven driveways can affect vehicle tires, and uneven walkways can cause injuries.

    Cracks and other problems can also occur if water flow affects the sand or soil under a driveway or foundation. Any cracks in your concrete surfaces should be inspected. American Quality Construction can remove damaged sections and replace them with new concrete.

    We pour patios and other areas. A concrete patio provides a durable surface that needs minimal maintenance, other than sweeping and occasional cleaning. We pour slabs for dumpsters and for storage sheds. We also pour privacy walls. We provide concrete services for both commercial and residential.American Quality Construction provides concrete pouring services for any need. If you have any questions about concrete, please give us a call. We offer free estimates.


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